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Picture a sophisticated kitchen that opens out to the living area like a welcoming embrace. In the Eclectic kitchen, the ‘details’ make the design. The more difference in the materials, the more interesting and exciting is the interaction - form stone textured and matt door fronts to sleek hints of gold.

Get everything within reach with the open-fronted elements and stylish shelves that are designed to enhance the available storage in an aesthetically organized way.


The central island beckons your attention with its attractive stone textured effect and a countertop that extends to the dining area.
The fluid design allows multiple elegant compositions that will surely resonate with young couples who enjoy cooking and connecting with scenes in the living room.

Gold channel surrounds the kitchen island and cabinets in a discreet showcase of modern opulence. Matt and minimalist handle-less doors with plenty of storage exude a cool modern vibe. 

eclectic 1.png


Your Signature Kitchen is designed and equipped with the careful calculation by your Signature consultant according to your individual needs. Only then will we build it. Only for you.

Visit your Signature Kitchen showroom near you - we look forward to seeing you.

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