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The Elektra kitchen emanates a classy ambience through a stylish purity of lines from a luxurious combination of Supermatt and glass - bestowing a glamorous touch to a sophisticated yet pragmatic kitchen ergonomics.

Feel free to run your fingers along with the Supermatt door finishes, and feel the smoothness of its touch.

This sleek and stylistic composition features smooth matt door finishes, black aluminium tea glass cabinets, polished countertops, slim handle-free panels, built-in appliances and wood elements.


Here, your kitchen is a work of art where the glass showcase cabinets hold the windows to your personality. Concealed integrated LED lighting provides a glamorous spotlight on your personalized kitchen or glassware collections.

The ingenious idea of a wood counter suspended between the island and side base units allows the whole kitchen composition to evolve around a centre stage where cooking and dining can be enjoyed effortlessly.

With a kitchen this glamorous, you can enjoy cooking, entertaining and hosting delightful soirees in style.

Exciting material contrasts is redefined in the contrasting elements of the dark wood panelling and white marbled quartz. The quartz backsplash allows effortless maintenance and cleaning within this glamorous kitchen setup.

Inside the glassy showcase cabinets, the luxurious dark grey carcass accentuates the elegant contrast of each item on display.

elektra 1.png


Your Signature Kitchen is planned and designed according to your individual needs. Only then will we build it. Only for you.

Visit the Signature Kitchen showroom near you - or visit our Signature Kitchen Lifestyle Gallery at Kota Damansara – with over 3000* sft of kitchen and wardrobe display, you will definitely find a kitchen and wardrobe style the matches you, your family and lifestyle perfectly!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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