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LUCE converges both functional features and timeless elegance; making it the absolute choice for those seeking international standards.

The expressions of natural wood contrasting with the light and glass are a distinguishing quality of the LUCE series, making each different design and layout exclusive and unique.

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An elegant and sophisticated hanging unit in glass creates an intriguing game of light and transparencies. The glass doors allows light from the luminous LEDs to show off your prized collections, at the same time adding a touch of luxury with its luminance. Top slim shelves provide adequate space for books or other decors. A wood textured compartment provides a perfect place for various video or decoder components – all connected to the TV through concealed cabling.


Your Signature Kitchen is planned and designed according to your individual needs. Only then will we build it. Only for you.

Visit the Signature Kitchen showroom near you - or visit our Signature Kitchen Lifestyle Gallery at Kota Damansara – with over 3000* sft of kitchen and wardrobe display, you will definitely find a kitchen and wardrobe style the matches you, your family and lifestyle perfectly!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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