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5 Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Congratulations, now you’ve purchased your dream home! The next step before moving in and have a cozy place to stay with your loved ones, is to renovate your home. Renovation mistakes are very common, especially among new homeowners. Today, Signature Kitchen gather 5 home renovation mistakes to avoid. Without further ado, let’s continue reading!

1. Choosing a wrong company to handle your renovation

It is highly important to choose a company that understand your needs with designs you prefer. Eventually, it is your home, a place where you live in. Always talk to several designers or companies before deciding on the one to handle the job. While choosing, it is important to consider the quality of their workmanship, their reputation in the market as well as services they provide.

Signature Kitchen is a one stop solution for new home owners. We provide designs, production, installation, handover and after sales service for kitchen, wardrobe and TV cabinets.

2. Choose everything only based on price

We understand that it is important to stick to your budget. However, do consider this home is a place to stay in for upcoming 10 to 20 years, or even longer. It is important to choose high quality materials and reliable companies to handle your renovation. This will save you time and hassles in the future, looking for someone to repair your built-in cabinets.

Signature Kitchen is the largest kitchen, wardrobe and living manufacturer in Malaysia for more than 25years, you can contact us and get free quotation today.

3. No timeline planned

Always plan your timeline for renovation work to complete the job. However, bear in mind that a rushed timeline is never good for your dream home. It is important to discuss thoroughly with your consultants to have sufficient time to complete the job. Also remember to set aside some extra time in case of some delays.

4. Having unrealistic budget

We all know that budgeting is a must when it comes to big projects like this. A lot of new homeowners tend to underestimate the cost of renovation, hence setting an unrealistic budget. Always remember that a bigger home equals to more cost needed for renovation. Spare some extra cash as back-up in case you missed out some parts in the planning or decided on something that cost more.

5. Zero research on the designs

Before starting the renovation project or even hiring someone, we highly recommend that you do some research online to understand what you want. As mentioned in previous blog, “What you should Know Before Kitchen Renovation?” you can always get some inspiration through different social media and show it to your interior designer or consultant. We also want to remind you to not go for extremely trendy designs, which will be out of trend in few years’ time. Always go for a timeless, classic and minimalist designs that will still be classic after decades.

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Any other home renovation mistakes you think new home owners should be aware of? Let us know and we will love to hear about it!

Schedule an appointment with Signature Kitchen today, our sales consultants will work with you to design your dream home that reflects your personal lifestyle.

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