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6 kitchen design for 6 different personality

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Home should always be the most comfortable space that we live in. Every corner of our home is a way of expressing who we are as a person, including the kitchen cabinet & wardobe. However, not everyone is an expert in designing and decorating our home. Today, Signature Kitchen wants to share 6 different kitchen design with you that might be fitting into your personality.

1. The Elegant and Confident Elite – Elektra kitchen

This Elektra kitchen is for someone who is into luxury and classy vibes in their home kitchen. With the combination of Supermatt finishing on cabinet doors and glass, kitchen can be more than a space for cooking; it is also a space for entertaining and dining.

With the glass cabinet, you can confidently express yourself through your decorations and collection, making a statement of who you are.

Smoke beige colour with a little wood element around wall cabinet add in a warm tone into this kitchen design, just like an elegant and confident elite, yet being friendly and warm to everyone around them.

2. The Open-minded and Adventurous Extrovert – Eclectic Kitchen

Do you love diversity? Are you adventurous? If you are, you will love this Eclectic kitchen design. Combining different texture in the kitchen, the more the merrier. From stone texture, matt door and a hint of gold, this kitchen design keep reminding us the fun of diversifying elements.

A gold L&C channel that highlights the kitchen cabinet door, making it pop like the extroverts that brings joy to everyone’s life.

3. The Bold and Charismatic Businessman – Arte Kitchen

Arte kitchen featuring the center island with bold, slanted angle, in black quartz. Black kitchen cabinet with recessed handle door, telling you “nothing pointless” is allowed in the room. Their favorite coffee are usually Espresso or Americano.

Touching up the kitchen with chrome gold tap and Granite sink, matching the accessories with a cool vibe for a charismatic businessman.

4. The Gracious and Modest Listener – Classic kitchen

A contemporary yet classic design, for a modern yet gracious mother. This kitchen design features soft palette color, with a classic door profile.

Sleek gold handles to elevate the kitchen design, making an interesting twist. Sleek white marbled quartz open-shelf add versatility to the design, making every mother unique in their own way.

5. The Chic and Creative City Girl – Urban Kitchen

The Urban kitchen is designed for someone that are always keep up with trend. A sophisticated, chic kitchen design, with creative elements integrated into the space. Want a Insta worthy kitchen? This is for you!

The mixture of cement textured finishing and petrol blue wall cabinet, making every corner in your kitchen stylish without sacrificing functionality. An ingenious design to separate areas by using thickness of tabletop, transitioning cooking, dining to working from home smoothly.

6. The family man – Utopia kitchen

Utopia kitchen is designed for the family, a harmonious blend between natural wood element and snow white hi-gloss tall cabinet, providing more storage space for the whole family.

In this kitchen design, quality time is our focus. A mini corner for private heart-to-heart talk with your dearest daughter, while having a cup of coffee in the morning.

What do you think about the above 6 Kitchen design? Tell us your thoughts and we will love to hear about it.

Schedule an appointment with Signature Kitchen today, our kitchen experts will work with you to design your dream kitchen that reflects your personal lifestyle.

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