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6 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Designs 2020 In Malaysia

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Signature Kitchen introduces a new Signature Premium Series of kitchen cabinets, concepts that go beyond mere function.

By integrating technology and design trends, this collection boasts a balanced combination of styles, class and utility, transforming your kitchen into elegant minimalist canvas, giving you free rein for self-expression through its versatile compositions.

Let us walk you through a selection of 6 premium kitchen styles that will meet your needs and aspirations.

  1. ELEKTRA Kitchen Style

The Elektra kitchen emanates a classy ambience through a stylish purity of lines from a luxurious combination of Supermatt and glass - bestowing a glamorous touch to a sophisticated yet pragmatic kitchen ergonomics.

This sleek and stylistic composition features smooth matt door finishes, black aluminum tea glass cabinets, polished worktops, slim handle-free panels, built-in appliances and wood elements.

  1. UTOPIA Kitchen Style

The Utopia kitchen is designed to create family time in one big open space filled with sunlight, purity and calmness.

The harmonious blend of natural wood elements and snow-white high gloss finishes creates a homely atmosphere that is both warm and elegant.

Tall cabinet units line the kitchen walls, offering plenty of easily accessible storage.

Nestled in between the wall and base cabinets is a breakfast counter that captures the essence of a mini café corner for that private daytime tête-à-tête.

  1. ARTE Kitchen Style

This bold Arte kitchen captures the essence of a strong, sophisticated and charismatic individual who means business.

Elegantly styled, this kitchen ensemble is sleek and resplendent in black, subtly accented with chrome gold elements, while the artistic veins of the marbled quartz lend an air of classicism; achieving a timeless elegance unique to any home. The result? A minimalist yet grand composition that commands attention.

The dark wood grain cabinets frame the black marbled quartz backdrop, while the clean modern lighting draws the audience to the centerpiece.

Whether you are sipping your morning espresso or whipping up a quick healthy meal, make a statement and take center stage in life with this bold Signature look.

  1. CLASSIC Kitchen Style

Modern or classic kitchen; the old and the new - deciding on one does not mean giving up the other. Instead, this kitchen introduces creative freedom in its classic elegance which retains timeless by creating an amalgamation of vintage aesthetics with contemporary materials.

The Classic kitchen presents a modern interpretation of the classic look featuring wall paneled cabinet doors with the absence of handles, with slim quartz shelves for added interest, and matching quartz wall cladding and countertop for that seamless appeal.

Feeling the warmth of nostalgia radiating through the soft palettes of Ash Green, Stone Beige, Season White and Shadow Grey with a hint of gold accents.

  1. ECLECTIC Kitchen Style

Picture a sophisticated kitchen that opens out to the living area like a welcoming embrace. In the Eclectic kitchen, the ‘details’ make the design. The more difference in the materials, the more interesting and exciting is the interaction - form stone textured and matt door fronts to sleek hints of gold.

Get everything within reach with the open-fronted elements and stylish shelves that are designed to enhance the available storage in an aesthetically organized way.

The central island beckons your attention with its attractive stone textured effect and a countertop that extends to the dining area.

The fluid design allows multiple elegant compositions that will surely resonate with young couples who enjoy cooking and connecting with scenes in the living room.

  1. URBAN Kitchen Style

The Urban kitchen combines versatility and creative contrasts to integrate space and functionality in city living. The mixture of cement textured finishing and petrol blue on the cabinet door fronts forms an interesting backdrop that radiates a youthful yet calming industrial vibe.

Elements of rose gold finishing on the handles add a touch of warm finesse to the composition. In this clever design, the subtle separation of areas is expressed by the thickness of the countertop, open shelving, and all the way to the cantilever inspired peninsula.

A space for minimalist design yet with great charm marked by chic simplicity and expressive design. This smooth transition takes you from cooking, dining to working from home, all within this chic urban living space.

Choose What’s Right For You

Nowadays, there are lots of new design ideas, but you’re not sure with all the options available, we would always recommend our customer to hire a kitchen planner. This would ease your time and stress while planning your kitchen. Schedule an appointment with Signature Kitchen today, our kitchen experts will help and guide you through your dream kitchen planning.

You may read our blog: 5 Things to Remember Before Buying Kitchen Cabinet. This guidance will guide you on making the right choice before buying a kitchen cabinet in Malaysia.

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