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7 key features that makes a TV Console look expensive

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Living room is the first space your guests will see when they visit you at your home. The first impression of your home comes mainly from the living room, where the TV Console plays a big part in it. Today, Signature Kitchen wants to share with you 7 tips to make your TV Console look expensive, and hence, upgrade your entire living room.

1. Choosing the right color

Colors are one of the very important factors when it comes to choosing your TV Console design. Choosing the right color can change the ambience and the visual perception of a space. Different ways of painting the colors can make a room look larger, smaller, elongated or narrowed. For an elegant and expensive look, we should always go for neutral colors such as white, black, beige, grey or soft palettes color. Wood, stone and marble textured will also be a preferable choice.

2. Suspended base unit

A suspended base unit can be very chic and minimal. It is one of the popular modern designs in 2021 Malaysia. A suspended base unit offers a clean and sleek look towards the TV console, bringing attention to the TV while offering storage space. The best thing about these floating units is easy for cleaning! Sweep the floor without having anything blocking your way.

3. Sleek and handle-less door

We all know that minimal designs are a big trend in Malaysia. A sleek and handle-less door will be one of the ways to achieve the minimal look you are going for. At Signature Living, our TV Consoles are mostly handle-less, or else with sleek handles that provide you a minimal look. You must be wondering how you should open a door when it's handle-less, simply go with our “push-to-open” mechanism!

4. Open Shelves in between

Open shelves are great to add a personal touch to your TV Cabinet. It's time to show off the ornaments you collected from all over the world, to show your unique self through the decorations. Let your living room do the talking, and you cannot do that without open shelves.

5. Tea glass cabinet

You don’t like open shelves because there will be dust all over the cabinets? We got an alternative for you: a tea glass cabinet! Placing your collections and ornaments in a tea glass cabinets with aluminum frames, not only adding a touch of your personality, also elevates the ambience of a living room. The slight brown shade of a tea glass gives an elegant touch to the cabinets.

6. Integrated LED Light

Lighting is very important when it comes to interior designs. Depending on the lighting, a mood and ambience of a space changes. Install some integrated LED light in the tea glass cabinets or behind the wall panel. It elevates the design almost instantly.

7. Creative design elements

Want to keep the minimal style yet be creative? We have some suggestions for you. Try playing around with volumes, the top wall units with different depths from the floor standing base units can create an interesting perspective to the overall composition, bringing a more interactive, aesthetic and functional design. The Signature Living: KRONOS Series, a design to break the tradition.

Don’t limit your creativity. Use Signature Living CUBE Series to create a versatile unit with many compositions. CUBE Series is a design for the modern lifestyles of the young. By conveying a feeling of lightness and simplicity through the play of wall hanging cabinets, panels and shelving, it results in exciting combinations for your living space.

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