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8 Wardrobe Organization ideas in 2021

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Start 2021 fresh by cleaning up your wardrobe and wave away a messy space. We all need more space for new clothes as Chinese New Year is around the corner as well. Except for decluttering, organizing your wardrobe might a great idea. Organizing can make your wardrobe visually comforting, making rooms for new pieces, as well as discovering some clothing that you already owned but never knew. If you are interested in getting some ideas about wardrobe organizations, let’s continue reading!

1. Drawers

A very crucial point of remembering something you owned is by looking at them. This is exactly why drawers with different depth should place different items to make sure it is organized. For example, a deep drawer should place larger pieces of clothing such as jeans, hoodies or sweatpants. However, for a smaller drawer, you can place thinner clothing such as tank tops, T-shirts, lingerie etc.

Another way to see what you owned is by having a see-through drawer. You can see exactly what you put in the drawer without even opening it. This is recommended for the inner wardrobe instead of the island as it might look cluttered. You can also place some statement pieces in the first row of a see-through drawer as a decoration to spice up your closet.

2. Accessories organizers

No matter you are a gentleman or a lady, you will own some accessories. Laying your accessories all over the drawers might not be a good idea. You can try placing some accessories organizers with different sizes to place different things. With this organizer, your accessories are easier to find and it would save you some time looking for the things you need.

3. Pigeon Box

Instead of drawers and hanging wardrobe, you might need the pigeon box for your folded clothing or accessories such as a hat. Display your clothing yet keep it sleek when you close the wardrobe door.

4. Trousers organizers

Are you into the business casual style and always want to look polished? Do you own a lot of trousers? You must already know that wrinkles are a NO-NO when you are wearing trousers. However, not everyone has time to iron their trousers before wearing them every time. This is exactly why you need trousers organizers. These organizers keep your trousers visible, without folding inside a drawer, which equals no wrinkles!

5. Baskets

The best way to organize all the scarf goes to…. BASKET! Throw them into the basket and now it could be out of your mind. If you are being particular, fold it then place it inside the basket. A basket is the best way to store anything disorganize and shut it out of your sight!

6. Wall Recessed Rail System

Feeling empty in your room? Why not make a statement with Signature Kitchen's wall recessed rail system? Not only it can showcase your personality, it would also turn a plain wall into a storage space for your statement pieces. Endless way of storing your most proud and loved pieces while playing around with the wall recessed rail system.

7. Open shelf or see-through wardrobe

Do you prefer an open shelf on the island or a see-through wardrobe? Both have pros and cons and it all depends on you. Island is highly accessible, with larger storage space. Tea glass can showcase your statement pieces while keeping your items away from dust. Let us know which one would you prefer!

8. Built-in safety box

Your valuables should not be placed in any drawer. Get yourself a built-in safety box, placing in your valuable jewelry and watches, passport or cash.

Other than all of the above, we also want to have a wardrobe honorable mention, which is a pull out the full-length mirror! How can you not check your outfit and take an OOTD photo before heading out? A pull-out full-length mirror is essential when your closet doesn’t have enough space or you just don’t want to waste space merely for a mirror.

What do you think about all of the organization ideas above?

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