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8 Ways to be SMART with Kitchen Storage

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

The key to a clutter-free kitchen is to be smart by using adopting some space-saving storage ideas.

It is crucial for your kitchen to not only have sufficient storage space, they need to be accessible and equipped with ergonomic design. As the kitchen functions as both a cooking area and for family gatherings, the place needs to be a well-organised space that offers pleasure to use and able to complement our increasingly busy lifestyles.

If you haven’t had a kitchen, break down the layout area into different zones – cooking, washing, storage and other necessary stations. Then think about the items you need to store and don’t forget to accommodate everything from dry ingredients, fresh foods to crockery and cookware. If you already have a kitchen, take a walk in your kitchen and think about what works and what doesn’t. What are the things that can be repositioned for a better flow?

Today we will be sharing some kitchen organizations idea that you can incorporate into your own kitchen.

Pull out basket shelf for your bottles

All of us need ketchup and chili sauce as a flavouring. How should we organize them so it is accessible yet organized? You can install a pull out basket shelf as one of your base unit. You can also store any type of bottles such as cooking oil on this shelf.

The magic corner

You can always maximize your storage space by optimizing dead unit space of the kitchen using magic corner. Magic corner is a unit that can be pull out from the corner of the kitchen cabinet (as shown below). It allows you to access to cooking equipment conveniently. Magic corner usually come with 4 trays, 2 attached to the door and the other 2 inside the unit.

Hang your cooking utensil and spices

Utensils are essential in cooking. Have you ever thought of displaying your utensils as a decoration? You can hang your utensils and kitchen paper towel on the wall near your kitchen countertop. They could act as a decoration, adding a personality to your kitchen, and be accessible all the time.

Hide your hood/refrigerator inside the cabinet (Urban/Elektra)

Hiding your hood and refrigerator in the cabinet can provide you a sleek and elegant look for your dream kitchen. Signature Kitchen have designed a space for you to allocate your hood and refrigerator so your kitchen is sleek.

Cutlery organization

You can use tray as shown below for your cutlery organizations. With Signature Kitchen’s Segi-Box drawer, you can have a sleeker look with more storage space for your cutlery. Use the divider to keep your drawer organized with a specific space you need for your utensils with different sizes.

Glass cabinet

Glass cabinet can be used to showcase your kitchenware and glassware collections such as cups, wine, glass wine, jar etc. You can also touch up the space by adding some plants to make the kitchen look lively. Artificial plants is always an option as it require lower maintenance compared to real plants.


Use tandem in the kitchen to organize your packaged food such as cereal, snacks, coffee powder, spaghetti etc.


You can always install divider in your kitchen cabinet to organize the pots, plates and other kitchenware. The divider provided by Signature Kitchen is flexible as it is adjustable according to your need.

What do you think about these organization ideas?

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