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Best 3 home office design for 3 different spaces

Working from home has been a trend since the Movement Control Order (MCO) started last year. There is an increasing need to transform our home into a workstation while keeping the space homely and comfortable. Today, Signature Living wants to share 3 different home office designs with the existing space you have.

1. A private room for home office

Do you have a dedicated room for your home office? If yes, you can consider this design LUXX. The L-shape desk is placed in the center, with drawers and cabinets which provide plenty of storage space to organize documents. This home office is designed with understated luxury in a dark wood tone, providing a space of calm, focus, and inspiration, best suited for inspired thinkers and leaders in the workforce.

2. Open space

Is your current space an open space or connected to the common area such as the living room or dining room? If yes, you can choose the MODULO design as your home office. This clever and creative design is highly versatile by incorporating home office, TV units, shelvings, and storage. Wall units with open storage coming in your chosen color combinations, this design is created for innovators with creativity.

3. Limited space

You only have limited space for your home office? Don’t worry, this design is for you. The Signature Living Home Office Series: FITT, maximizing the space by building storage units and open shelves upwards. No matter if it’s a corner in the room or an unutilized balcony, you can transform the space with our FITT design into your work-friendly home office with different styles.

If you don’t see any design that can fit into your current home layout, don’t worry. Always feel free to contact us and get FREE quotation and 3D drawings. We are here to help!

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