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Built-in VS Movable Furniture: 5 points to consider

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

As built-ins are becoming a trend in Malaysia households, we always have a question in mind. Is built-in better than buying furniture? Today, Signature Kitchen wants to share opinions on this topic with new homeowners that are considering which is a better and more suitable option for you.

1. Functionality

As a space that we will be spending most of our time, we want our home to be as functional as possible. For cabinets, built-in can give more storage space and be more functional. Therefore, a built-in wardrobe is definitely an excellent choice for fashion lovers. Built-ins tend to be customized according to your floor plan, therefore, maximizing the spaces you have to adapt to your lifestyle.

However, on the other hand, if the space is too small, built-ins might not be a good idea, especially for a bedroom. Instead, you can go for furniture like a chest drawer, which gives plenty of clothing storage space, without taking up many spaces in the room.

2. Design

Think about the designs you prefer. Do you prefer a more elegant and modern design or a casual and flexible design? If you prefer a modern, sleek, and elegant looking, go for built-ins. Built-in kitchen, for example, can be recessed-handles and sleek looking, as well as TV consoles with wall paneling, providing a modern sophisticated look that can feel more luxurious.

You can now get your quotation from Signature Kitchen, Signature Wardrobe and Signature Living online. We provide a free online consultation service so you can discuss your home renovation project at a comfortable place safely.

On the other hand, for movable furniture, it all depends on the supplier or retailer on the furniture design which can suit your need or style. There might be some details that you don’t like on the piece of furniture, where DIY is needed.

3. Lifestyle

Are you someone that loves to move furniture or like to keep your home the way it is? One of the things to consider is how much you like to refurbish your home. Built-ins have restrictions to redecorate. As built-in usually lasts up to 10 years, if you plan to redecorate in a time of less than 10 years, you should probably go for furniture. However, you can always redecorate with small things around your home such as hanging a painting or switching up the decorative elements.

4. Cost

Budgeting is highly important when it comes to home renovation as we mentioned in our previous blog. Built-ins will demand higher investment in general, compared to mass-produced retail furniture. There are high-quality vintage pieces of furniture but it will cost a fortune as well. Considering the durability of the cabinets, generally speaking, built-ins are more durable and therefore saving the hassles and time of purchasing new furniture when it’s broken.

5. Quality

We cannot deny that high-quality furniture is possible to find in the market. However, built-ins can be customized with accessories such as tandem, baskets, and drawers, where most kitchens would need for organizations and accessibility of the items. As mentioned in our previous blog, investing in built-in can increase your home resale value. According to research, staging kitchen is one of the most important factors when buying a house among 35% of buyers.

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