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How to clean and maintain quartz countertop

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Cleaning quartz countertop

How to clean kitchen quartz countertop has always been a question asked frequently. Today, Signature Kitchen wants to share with you how to clean and maintain quartz countertop.

Spilling in the kitchen happens frequently with all the cooking going on. When you spill something on quartz, don’t worry, use mild cleaner such as soap or soap water and spray on the quartz. Then, use a soft cloth to wipe it off. Remember to avoid harsh cleaner such as cleaner that contain any bleach because this will damage your quartz countertops. Use Signature kitchen care and maintenance kit if you have it.

You can also use vinegar solutions to clean quartz as it is a mild acetic acid. Past research show that vinegar is the very effective for microbial reduction (decrease growth of microorganism). How to make vinegar solution? Mix plain white vinegar with water with ratio of 1:1 into a sprayer. Then, spray it on the quartz and wipe with clean cloth.

For grease stains, you can use non-abrasive cleaning sponge, soaking the area for short time to loosen the stubborn particles. Then use cloth to lift and remove the stain. For dried gunk, you can use a plastic scrapper to scrap it off. Always remember to avoid using sharp knife directly on your quartz as it might scratch your quartz countertop.

Maintenance care

How do you take care of the quartz daily so that it has higher durability? Follow these maintenance care tips so your quartz countertop is taken good care of.

Firstly, always use cutting board when cutting ingredients. Never cut directly on the quartz as it might create visible scratches on the quartz. Black color quartz will usually have more visible scratches than white color quartz as the scratches will appear in white color. If this is one of your concern, we suggest you to pick white color quartz when renovating a kitchen.

Next, try to clean up your spills immediately after spilling on the quartz. This is to avoid the stains staying on your quartz in long term. A lot of kitchen owner will prefer to get white quartz for the outlook and style, therefore, cleaning up immediately after spilling is highly important.

Third, we recommend you to avoid putting high temperature on the quartz. Quartz can resist temperature up to 100 °C. However, when cooking with pot, the pot will exceed 100 °C. Therefore, when putting pot directly on the quartz, it will leave a mark as large as the pot being left on it. You can use trivet for high temperature items.

Lastly, try to avoid putting too much pressure on the quartz. Do not sit, stand or jump on the quartz as it may chip the surface. If the quartz is chipped, call the professionals to repair it. If you purchased from us, we provide one year warranty so feel free to contact us when repair is needed.

We would love to hear about your ideas and tips on cleaning and maintaining quartz countertop. Except for cleaning and maintenance of quartz, we also have other blogs discussing on different topics about kitchen knowledge you need to know. You can read our blog: 5 Things to Remember Before Buying Kitchen Cabinet in Malaysia.

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