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How to differentiate low and high quality kitchen cabinet

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Low quality kitchen cabinet is deadly for your dream house. Not only they will cause you trouble to repair and high maintenance needed, they might also affect your safety when cooking in the kitchen. Therefore, today, Signature Kitchen would like to share on how to spot the low quality kitchen cabinet so you could avoid them.

Material of the cabinet

Melamine particle board is the most commonly used material among kitchen cabinet manufacturers because of its reliability, durability and moisture resistance features compared to other materials (Eg plywood, wood, aluminum etc). It also comes in wide range of thickness starting 13mm up to 18mm, the most preferred being 18mm thickness of cabinet door.

Finishing of the cabinet door and carcass

Always look out for obvious imperfections such as grain irregularities, sanding marks, knots as these are the parts people tend to overlook. A low quality door and carcass easy to get scratches and worn out easily as they are produced in bulk. On the other hand, high quality cabinets will have complete finish with a consistent colors and surface. Signature kitchen sells carcass in Garis Graphite color that provide you a complete finish with a luxurious and modern color.

Edging of the cabinet

Having ABS edging of the cabinet shows the quality of the cabinet. Edging can prevent chipping of the cabinet and increase the moisture resistance, thus increase its durability and safeness to use. Low quality cabinet usually only provide thin edging that have minimal protection and will be chipped easily. All cabinets manufactured by Signature Kitchen are ABS edge-banded to protect the cabinets.

Construction of the drawer

Low quality kitchen cabinet uses glue and staple to connect the drawers. Drawers with the best quality have full-extension slides with self-closing feature. If you are purchasing with Signature Kitchen, you do not have to worry about this as our drawer are all full-extension slides with soft-close system. We also uses Segi-box drawer to provide a sleeker look without sacrificing the storage space of the drawer.

Hinges of the cabinet door

Hinges is one of the most important part when it comes to kitchen cabinet. European hinge is one of the most popular hinges as they provide adjustment in two direction, therefore, easier to fine-tune alignment of the door. Moreover, if you don’t want your hinges visible from the outside, you can choose concealed hinge so your kitchen can have a sleek looking.

Signature Kitchen uses Blumotion hinge with 107 degree of opening. This type of hinge not only is integrated with soft close system, it also allows you to remove your cabinet door with one press without requiring any tools.

Now that you know the difference between the high and low quality of kitchen cabinet, beware of the hints when purchasing. We will also love to hear from you if you have any other tips to spot the low quality kitchen cabinets.

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