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Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia Trends 2020: Latest Kitchen Design Ideas You Need To Know

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Whether to renovate or refresh a colour scheme of your current kitchen design, every effective kitchen consists of layouts, kitchen cabinets, worktops, appliances and more. But what’s new and exciting in kitchen design?

2020 is the year of ‘living kitchen’ with a balanced combination of aesthetics, utilities and technologies to make daily life easier and more comfortable.

As design boundaries continue to be pushed, don’t be afraid to be creative and add some personal flair into your kitchen design. This will give you a warm and welcoming feel.

There’re many great kitchen design ideas in the market and you’re overwhelmed with the options available, let the experts from Signature Kitchen, Malaysia’s largest kitchen cabinet and wardrobe manufacturer guide you through the whole planning process.

Here are the upcoming kitchen cabinet trends for 2020 that will give you all the inspiration to kickstart your dream kitchen planning.

1. Dark Color Theme Kitchen Is Always Neutral

Dark Wood Grain Cabinet - Signature Kitchen Premium Series

Dark color theme kitchen design is always neutral, usually, it doesn't go wrong. It provides a timeless look that goes with any home. This design not only suits the modern home but also classic home.

According to Houzz, searches for ‘dark’ and ‘black’ interior designs are gaining popularity, while searches for ‘black kitchen’ has increased 46% yearly.

Signature Kitchen Premium Series: ARTE Kitchen Style features its minimalism and resplendent in black; achieving a timeless elegance unique look.

2. Social-Friendly Kitchen Layout

Suspended Wood Counter - Signature Kitchen Premium Series

House Beautiful notes that this year has shown a focus on the one-size-fits-all or family-first kitchen catering for multi-generational living under one roof. This kitchen layout will create an extension towards a flexible living for you and your family.

Basically, the layout focuses on ample storage solutions, integrated seating spaces, and extended worktop or island unit that become all-in-one workstation, from prepping food to dining.

Signature Kitchen Premium Series: ELEKTRA Kitchen Style integrates a suspended wood counter which allows the whole kitchen composition into a center-stage where cooking and dining can be enjoyed effortlessly.

3. Maximizing Space With Concealed Storage Solutions

Kessebohmer Tandem Pantry - Signature Kitchen Premium Series

Storage will always be a major part of kitchen space, especially for smaller kitchens. We have many things in the kitchen to use but not everything is supposed to be exposed outside. It’s no surprise that concealed storage solutions are popular and must-have among homeowners, whether it’s to maximize space, utilizing corner units or hide a fridge.

As mentioned by Kitchen Makers, a hidden station that prevents small appliances from cluttering the worktop creates an area for cooking and dining to be enjoyed together will be popular in 2020.

Signature Kitchen Premium Series: ELECTIC Kitchen Style integrates Kessebohmer Tandem Pantry that is designed to make the most of the available storage space, to ensure a clear overview providing quick and easy access to all foodstuffs. Contact our experts and get them integrated into your kitchen.

4. Say ‘No’ To Freestanding Kitchen Appliances

Ariston Built-In Oven - Signature Kitchen Premium Series

According to Google Trends Data 2018-2019, searches for ‘built in kitchen appliances’ has seen a 160% rise, Indicating that there’s a high demand for build-in kitchen appliances that fit around everyone’s lifestyle.

People often mention that built-in appliances as old fashioned, however, they provide a very modern twist as they blend into your kitchen seamlessly for a variety of styles and layouts.

Signature Obicorp offers a full suite of premium imported kitchen appliances, brands such as Ariston, Franke, InSinkErator and Signature to help you kickstart your kitchen style with a new face. Find out here.

5. Tap That Makes A Difference

Signature Chrome Gold Mixer - Signature Kitchen Premium Series

Statement tap is, without doubt, a sure wow factor to your kitchen and uplifts the look of the kitchen as a whole and adds a subtle flair of color. ‘The popularity of feature taps continues to grow,’ says Wren Kitchens.

Taps with unique features and handles are a great way to attract attention to the eyes while complementing the kitchen, especially when it blends into the kitchen with similar finishes.

Signature Gold Mixer luxuriously embellished with its chrome gold elements, featuring an unconventional asymmetrical look. Get it as part of your kitchen today.

Kitchens Up to Your Personal Taste

In 2020 the focus is on comfort and functionality while adding personal flair into kitchen designs. We’re seeing a surge of:

  • Dark color theme kitchens

  • Social-friendly layouts

  • Concealed storage solutions

  • Built-in kitchen appliances

  • Statement taps

There are lots of new design ideas, but we would always recommend our customer to make a thorough research before planning. You can read our blog: 5 Things to Remember Before Buying Kitchen Cabinet in Malaysia.

Always look for the trusted kitchen manufacturer that’s certified and recognized by the industry. Schedule an appointment with Signature Kitchen today, our kitchen experts will work with you to design your dream kitchen that reflects your personal lifestyle.

You may read our blog: Why Hire A Kitchen Planner?. This will guide you on making the right choice while looking for a kitchen planner.

For more information, email us on, contact us on +603-6286 7070, or message us on

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