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Signature Premium Series: Urban Kitchen

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

One of the latest kitchen cabinet design ideas in Malaysia 2020/2021, the Signature Premium Series: Urban Kitchen, a best fit for youthful, energetic individual that loves chic simplicity. A concept to combine versatility and creative contrast to integrate space and functionality in city living.

The mixture of cement textured finishing and petrol blue on the cabinet door fronts forms an interesting backdrops that emits a youthful yet calming industrial vibe.

In this clever design, the separation of cooking cleaning and dining areas by the thickness of the countertop, allowing non-hassle meal preparation to happen. With the open shelving and cantilever inspired peninsula, you can now enjoy your everyday morning coffee in an inspiring place. The smooth transition of countertop takes you from cooking, dining to working from home, all within this chic urban living space.

Versatile simplicity at its best. A clean idyllic design that cleverly separates the workspace using different thickness in design and materials. Slim open wall shelves provide generous space to create your signature look.

Tall petrol blue cabinets with elements of rose gold finishing on the handles add a touch of warm finesse to the composition.

A space for minimalist design yet with great charm marked by chic simplicity and expressive design.

What do you think about the Urban kitchen design? Tell us your thoughts and we will love to hear about it.

Schedule an appointment with Signature Kitchen today, our kitchen experts will work with you to design your dream kitchen that reflects your personal lifestyle.

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