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Redefining the Modern Bathroom...

Signature Air

AIR transforms any bathroom into a light and modern space.

A skillful combination of elements and materials, with an attractive alternation of close and open cabinets result to cheerful modern vibes in any bathroom environment.


Proportion and balance are the highlights of ZEN.

Simplicity and clean lines with integrated basin create an oasis of peace. The soft glow from the LED backlighting lends an inviting ambience, inspiring a calming quality and harmony in this private space to embrace a couple’s intimacy.

Signature Zen


Signature Evo

Pure and functional aesthetics with a contemporary flavour that enhance space through a balanced combination of forms and finishes.

Attention is given to the choice of complementary materials, colours and a practical layout.

The clean lines are enhanced by the absence of handles, creating a sleek minimalist styling that befits any modern home.



PURE 1.0

His & Hers in perfect symmetry.

Modern style enhanced by pure materials and textured finished. Bronze mirror cabinet with LED illumination generate the desired atmospheric lighting.

Black countertop sinks and taps in high quality matt finish provide a distinctive black accent that adds a touch of class to this bathroom composition.

PURE 3.0

Composition and balance are the highlights here, featuring a play of shapes to create interesting geometric forms.

PURE 5.0

A modern composition enhanced by mirrored cabinets in silver finishing and design elements created by asymmetrical modules and contrasting coloured open shelves.

PURE 2.0

Time to get creative. Natural materials go hand in hand with modern ones. Add in an element of play between the closed and open modules.

The result ? A bathroom with a dynamic, modernistic feel!

PURE 4.0

A vanity created to suit your needs: the combination of closed drawers and open cabinets emphasizes modular parallelism and function that fulfills today’s modern lifestyles.

PURE 6.0

This composition features an interesting play of dark grey tones and natural wood textures. Everything is well concealed for those who love a neat and well organized bathroom.


A single-block unit with a clean-cut and understated contemporary design.

SOLO 1.0
SOLO 1.0
SOLO 2.0
SOLO 2.0
SOLO 3.0
SOLO 3.0
SOLO 4.0
SOLO 4.0


Wall & Tall Cabinets

The wall and tall cabinets modules include open and closed modules in various sizes that can be used to create exceptional geometric shapes.

Signature Wall Cabinet
Signature Wall Cabinet
Signature Wall Cabinet
Signature Wall Cabinet

Mirrors And Mirror Cabinets

Mirrors and mirror cabinets can be the focal point in the bathroom. Illuminated mirrors come with LED lighting that bring soft ambient lighting to the heart of the bathroom, creating a warm, homely atmosphere; whereas dark or bronze smoked glass door create an unmistakable class and timeless elegance.

Signature Mirror Cabinet
Signature Mirror Cabinet
Signature Mirror Cabinet


Your Signature Living is designed and equipped with the careful calculation by your Signature consultant according to your individual needs. Only then will we build it. Only for you.

Visit your Signature Living showroom near you - we look forward to seeing you.

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