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Fortune favours the bold.

This bold kitchen style captures the essence of a strong, sophisticated and charismatic individual who means business.

Elegantly styled, the Arte kitchen ensemble is sleek and resplendent in black, subtly accented with chrome gold elements, while the artistic veins of the marbled quartz lend an air of classicism; achieving a timeless elegance unique to any home. The result? A minimalist yet grand composition that commands attention.
The dark wood grain cabinets frame the black marbled quartz backdrop, while the clean modern lighting draws the audience to the centrepiece.

Whether you are sipping your morning espresso or whipping up a quick healthy meal, make a statement and take centre stage in life with this bold Signature look.


Bold angle island in black quartz with Supermatt features for an unconventional asymmetrical look, luxuriously embellished by the chrome gold tap and black granite sink.

Doors come with recessed handles and matching finishes to achieve a seamless and smooth look.

The allure of bold minimalism lies on the sleek and modern elements adorning this stylish kitchen ensemble. Concealed lighting dramatizes the elegant central feature of the cabinet arch.


Your Signature Kitchen is designed and equipped with the careful calculation by your Signature consultant according to your individual needs. Only then will we build it. Only for you.

Visit your Signature Kitchen showroom near you - we look forward to seeing you.