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The Signature Living bed collection features three different models that explore different stylistic concepts to create an invitation to relax and unwind in the bedroom.



Sleep favors softness - thanks to the thoughtful style where a generously padded fabric headboard, the emphasis of the sensation of softness creates a snug bed to laze in even when reading a book…

Simple geometry in the panels, when combined, creates a distinct refined style, with color contrasts from the divan and wood tones of the bedside tables.


Built in elegant proportions, the Venus bed set is suitable for spacious bedrooms, thanks to the luxurious headboard with plush padding in the center, adorned by wood textured details with stylish elements from the gold embellishment.

Suspended bedside tables with white marbled effect top lends an air of class and timeless charm.

The entire composition exudes an aesthetic that blends the classic and modernism.



MIRA represents a modern element of furniture, characterized by a strong personalization.

An original and elegant system featuring a wide headboard with paneling and plush padding creates elegance without compromising comfort.

The uniqueness of MIRA lies also in the special element of the suspended bedside tables.



Your Signature Living is designed and equipped with the careful calculation by your Signature consultant according to your individual needs. Only then will we build it. Only for you.

Visit your Signature Living showroom near you - we look forward to seeing you.