Signature Transformation

The value of a well-planned kitchen is often underestimated.

As such, Signature Kitchen focuses on value added experience for the customer’s journey from inspiration to the finished kitchen; allowing customers to have a peace of mind while getting the perfect kitchen that fulfils all their needs.

Signature Transformation Guide

We have formulated a 2-way communication approach used by our kitchen planners for every customer to ensure that all requests are fulfilled satisfactorily.
This systematic process oriented guide is called the “Signature Transformation Guide” and since its implementation, it has helped deliver impressionable, hassle-free buying experience to all our customers.

This STG guides the customer through step-by-step from the design process until the delivery and installation day – setting a clear, understandable timeline and information on all the parties involved in the kitchen buying process.


Every homeowner’s nightmare is when a project’s timeline goes awry.
Not only does it cause a massive inconvenience, it could result in a chain of undesirable consequences. Imagine having to reschedule deliveries of appliances, delay the renovation works in other parts of the house and worse, postponing that fabulous house warming party!

With Signature Kitchen, you have the luxury of leaving these worries in the hands of the experts who would ensure that your kitchen renovation progresses according to the timeline set out from the beginning till the day of completion.

Customising your Kitchen

This is definitely the most fun part of the entire process – it’s shopping time!
By that we meant having a personal buyer (your Signature Kitchen’s planner) who would advise you on basic necessities like the hob, hood, stove, fridge, oven, sink and most importantly, storage.

Next, add finishing touches to your kitchen by picking out the materials, accessories and added features such as soft-close function for cabinets and drawers.


At the right stage, the Signature Kitchen team would visit your home to take the final measurements of your kitchen area as soon as it is ready.
This is done once all wet renovation works such as tiling, plaster ceiling, skim-coating, wiring and lighting points are completed.

Typically, they would be able to advise on an exact timing to execute this for more accurate measurements as wet-works need time to ‘settle down’ to prevent shrinkage from occurring after plastering and tiling.


Aside from the installers from Signature Kitchen, there is a number of third-party technical people involved in the installation.
Too many cooks spoil the broth? Not in this instance, thanks to the seamless coordination work by the Signature Kitchen team.

One useful tip: although your kitchen installation is in capable hands, nothing beats being there in person to ensure everything is fitted in to your liking.
Transforming kitchens and exceeding expectations, now that’s the Signature touch that you wouldn’t want to miss.