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Blending In or Standing Out? How To Design Your Perfect Kitchen Backsplash?

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

You’ve settled on the right appliances, cabinetry, lighting and color palette. Now you’re just a step away from having an elegant kitchen that you would definitely be proud to own, of course, more fashionable and more instagrammable!

So what’s that? It’s the backsplash, the last finishing touches of your kitchen! A beautiful backsplash has the power to bring a kitchen to the next level, not to mention allowing homeowners to inject their personality and creating a balance between different design elements within the room. Whether your backsplash blends into the background or stands out as a focal point all depends on the way you design it. Here are some backsplash ideas and tips to help you in your design process.

1. Decide the Objective of Your Backsplash

Do you want the backsplash to be eye-catching or just blend in? This will determine how you go about it. If your kitchen has patterns in profusion, a simple backsplash may actually stand out more and avoid distraction. On the flip side, if you have a kitchen with plain design, a bold or delicate backsplash can uplift the overall kitchen vibes.

2. Match Your Backsplash With Existing Elements

Consider what shapes and patterns already exist in your kitchen, carefully examine the intricacies of your surrounding elements to understand what blends well and what doesn’t. Acting as a bridge of sorts between countertops and cabinets, the design of the backsplash is vital in forming an overall appearance. For instance, the Signature Premium series - Classic uses quartz wall cladding as the kitchen backsplash which matches the quartz table top to harmonise the overall ambience.

3. Consider the Style You Want

Similar to understanding the layout of your kitchen, you need to understand the overall style and design of your kitchen. What is the mood in the rest of the room? Is it contemporary, modern, rustic, futuristic? If your home is already strongly tied to a theme, think about how your backsplash will work with this look. You might want your backsplash to tie into the aesthetic rather than compete against it. Just like the Signature Premium series - Utopia incorporates the black quartz wall cladding as the kitchen backsplash which blend well with the natural wood elements and snow-white high gloss finishes to create a homely atmosphere that is both warm and elegant.

4. Measurements & Materials Requirements

Installing kitchen backsplash seems quick and easy but be sure to take the right measurements and add at least 10-15% as a cutting allowance, depending on the kind of design you have decided upon. Besides, make sure you also incorporate the right material for the desired patterns. Our designers and kitchen experts are always ready to assist you to sort out the correct materials with installation advice and service.

Whether you opt for subtle or bold patterns, your backsplash can be a key part of completing your kitchen. If you wish to learn more, you may want to check out other Signature Premium Series: Arte, Urban, Eclectic and Elektra.

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