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Things to consider about hinges when purchasing kitchen cabinet

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

As small as a hinges is, it is highly important to hold the carcass and the door of a kitchen cabinet. Hinge is made of piece of metal, plastic or other various materials, on which a door moves freely as it opens or closes. There are a few types of hinge in the market for cabinet door, traditional hinge such as butterfly hinge and the European style hinge such as soft close hinge. Today, Signature Kitchen will share on some features about hinges that you should consider when buying a kitchen cabinet.

Does the hinge have soft-close feature?

As we always open and closes our kitchen cabinet door, the hinge without soft-close feature will result in the cabinet door directly banging to the cabinet carcass. Kitchen cabinet might last shorter time with the impulsive force created between cabinet door and the carcass.

Soft-close hinges is also more child-friendly. Remember all the incidents where we accidentally slam the door on our fingertips? You would not want your children to go through that. Get yourself a hinge with soft-close feature and TADAA! Problem solved!

An additional point given to BLUM hinge used by Signature Kitchen where you can activate and de-active your soft close feature. This is a patented design by BLUM. You must be wondering why you would need that. You can have the flexibility to activate and de-activate the feature depending on the size of the door. For example, two soft-close activated hinges holding the door will slow down the speed, if the door is small. Therefore, you can now deactivate one of it, so it doesn’t take forever to close. Without this activating soft close feature on the hinge, the door might bounce or stuttered when you close it.

Does the hinge have any other special feature?

Adding some special feature in hinges may help you in your daily routine in the kitchen. In the market, some common special hinges are self-closing hinge, self-opening hinge etc. BLUM hinge as one of the best in the market, have a special feature called “quick release”. With this feature, you can detach your kitchen cabinet door with just one tap. Simply detach your kitchen cabinet door to clean the carcass thoroughly or moving large objects from one cabinet to the other.

Hinge warranty

As one of the best in the market, BLUM hinges provide lifetime warranty. How to calculate lifetime warranty? A hinge is rated at 60,000 operation cycle. With an average of 3-5 times opening and closing per day, a hinge can last roughly up to 50 years of operation.

How to recognize a BLUM hinge?

You will find it printed on the surface of the hinge “BLUM”. If you flip to the back of the hinge, it is written “Austria” as BLUM is manufactured in Austria.

Hinges usually is provided by the Kitchen renovation expert or Kitchen cabinet installer when you renovate your kitchen. Therefore, it is highly important to understand hinges your kitchen cabinet is using.

With more than 25 years of experience in the market, Signature Kitchen always try to provide the best accessories for our customer. Therefore, at Signature Kitchen we only use BLUM hinge.

Schedule an appointment with Signature Kitchen today, our kitchen experts will work with you to design your dream kitchen that reflects your personal lifestyle.

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