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What You Should Know Before Kitchen Renovation

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

No matter you are a new home owner or upgrading your old kitchen, kitchen renovation is undeniably a long process with major decisions to make. With that being said, Signature Kitchen wants to share with you things to consider before kitchen renovation.

1. Get your Inspiration for the space

It is important to know what style you are going for. Therefore, it is always good to get inspiration online such as YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. You can use the save button and refer back to it later when you are showing your kitchen planner or designer so they can have a better idea. This would mean less amendment for your kitchen therefore saving some time.

2. Set a Budget

Next is to have a clear budget for each space you are renovating. We understand that after looking at the proposal, you might need to adjust the budget accordingly. However, having a clear budget for each space will give your kitchen planner a rough idea on the designs and accessories to include in your kitchen so it does not go too far from your budget. It will always be great to do some research on the cost of materials and save some money for unexpected expenses.

3. Things you own

Storage has always been a big topic when we are talking about kitchen. Re-visit the amount of thing you own in a kitchen, and make sure you have enough space and a rough idea of how to organize it. Considering this while planning your kitchen will make everything accessible and your kitchen countertop clutter-free.

4. Installation Process

It is important to understand and coordinate your installation. If you are working from home, would the installation affect your work? How many days does the installation of kitchen take? If you are always busy, and alternatives is to suggest the installer to have their own padlock so you won’t need to be there every time they install a kitchen. However, do take note to only do this if your contractor is reliable and trustworthy. Signature Kitchen provides timely update on installation process even if you’re not around to oversee the whole process.

5. Plan B for everyday meal

If you are upgrading your old kitchen, you might want to consider how you want to eat every day. The kitchen renovation will not only take few days, as dismantle is needed, if you already have a kitchen installed. Therefore, it is important to have some disposable plates, cups, utensils and napkins for your take away food. If you want to cook at home, it will be great to cook with the electrical appliances you already have.

Always remember, the hassle is temporary, but the kitchen will last very long. It is important to go for a timeless design and functional organization details.

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