Signature Design | Whole House Customisation

For the past quarter of a century, we have stayed true to the trusted Signature brand essence – Passion for Designing Everything Better.


From our humble beginnings as kitchen cabinet craftsmen, we now bring you our wholistic approach: Signature Design | Whole House Customisation. With this, you now have fullness in life – in terms of inspiration. Total solutions. Choices. Customisation. Convenience. Comfort. Assurance of quality. Peace of mind. Value. Timeless beauty. And joy.


Turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary havens.

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Signature: A place where your whole house can be customised

Our 50,000 sq ft Signature Flagship Showroom is listed on the Malaysia Book of Records as the country’s largest interior design showroom. Its furnishings and finishings are so comprehensive, they breathe new life into living rooms; bedrooms are so restfully beautiful, there is no wrong side of the bed; kitchens channel sustenance for body, and spirit; dining rooms are so well-designed, they uplift meals into a communion of family and friends; children’s spaces are so intelligent they spark your kid’s imagination; even bathrooms become sanctuaries of purity and renewal.

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Signature’s Five
Inspirational Concepts

Simply Natural – infused with culture, perfected by nature

Urban Chic – unfolding an industrial masterpiece

Minima Muse – Style, substance and simplicity made seamless

Contemporary Charm – luxury elegant Signature series

Modern Classic – a new age edge to timeless sophistication


The Signature transformation is wholistic – addressing every possible detail for your whole house customisation – thus the transformation is both internal and external.


Based on Industry 4.0 – digitisation and automation are implemented comprehensively for Signature’s day-to-day operations. 

Internally, manufacturing and production, finance, IT, warehousing, inventory management, customer relations and after-sales service are brought up to speed with Industry 4.0. This ensures swiftness, precision, quality, productivity, safety, peace of mind and increased value for you. Even more importantly, this frees up time for core skills that technology cannot replace – like the human touch, innovation, creativity, and inspiration that opens up unlimited possibilities for your whole house customisation. 

Just bring along a copy of your entire house's floor plan (yes, the one that the developer
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